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Dentist in Orland Park

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Dental Implant Blog Post

Are you embarrassed because you have a missing tooth or teeth? A dental implant is a quick and accessible way to get your confidence back again.

Dental Trends Blog Post

When we think of trends, we usually think of fashion. But dental trends are a real thing, and in the last year two, we’ve seen some dangerous and concerning dental trends pop up on social media. In our latest blog post, we go through them one by one and tell you how risky we think they are.

Orland Park IL Dentist | Oral Cancer Screening Can Save Your Life

Our expert dentist wants to remind patients that our office offers thorough oral cancer screening as part of our comprehensive dental health …

Dentist in Orland Park

One thing many of us are noticing after wearing a face mask the last few months is the fact that our breath is not *quite* as fresh as we thought it was. If this is you, don’t be embarrassed! In our latest blog post, we're unmasking five of the most common bad breath causes and how to overcome them so you can have a fresh, healthy smile!

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