Dental Care for Kids

At Inspire Dental Wellness, we understand how important it is to offer dental care for kids, especially for a child’s first visit. The truth is, parents often have trouble determining when it’s time for their child’s first dental visit, or when to establish that coveted “dental home”. These concerns are easily answered with our children’s dental services, which not only provide your child with a reliable dentist for the future, but offer an array of treatments and procedures for any oral or dental issues along the way.
Dental Care for Kids

Children’s Dental Services

We strive to provide children’s dental services in a fun and educational environment, to teach the importance of proper oral hygiene for babies and toddlers while offering any and all necessary treatments, or procedures. 

Specifically, we seek to educate parents on best care practices and the importance of establishing strong oral health habits at an early age. Specific types of oral care we offer include:

  • Preventative – When it comes to preventative dental care for kids, we do our part to ensure that your child’s teeth are coming in properly, that there are no signs of tongue ties, as well as gum checks to ensure the best developmental health possible.
  • Restorative – If teeth are misaligned upon rooting, or developing gums need some extra love, our restorative baby oral care services are meant to address any issues that do arise, and take care of them swiftly and comfortably for your child.

The Six Sproutz Stepz to a Solid Foundation

To familiarize families with the importance of child dental care, we’ve created the mini Sproutz™ Baby Oral Care Development Program. This 9 session program is designed to help prevent future issues in and around the mouth for your child, and set the stage for the foundation of their oral health. When you prioritize baby oral care, you’re setting your child up for a prosperous future free from easily avoidable setbacks. In this program, we will guide you step by step with the best practices so you can help your child at home. Our baby oral care services also include regular wellness visits at each stage of our Six Sproutz Stepz to a Solid Foundation. Every child deserves a strong foundation right from birth, and mini Sproutz fills the gap in healthcare to check their mouth at all the crucial points, while ensuring they are growing properly, or receiving the support they need if they are not.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Erica Zolnierczyk is a General Dentist who sees pediatric patients. Dr. Erica practices with a focus on facial and airway development, preventative care, and more. She strongly believes that listening to her patients will enable her to provide them with the best care possible. For more information regarding our children’s dental services, or to schedule an appointment, contact Inspire Dental Wellness today.

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