At Home Sleep Apnea Test

Inspire Dental Wellness offers access to an at home Sleep Apnea test.  

“Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder characterized by repeated pauses in breathing throughout the sleep cycle. These pauses called apneas can last from a few seconds to over a minute and can occur up to a hundred times. Apneas are caused by the collapse of soft tissue in the airway, which prevents oxygen from reaching the lungs. Weak muscles in the airway, a large tongue, obesity, and other factors may cause airway tissue to collapse and obstruct breathing. Sleep apnea disrupts the sleep cycle and can dramatically impact energy, mental performance, and overall health.” Source: WatchPat

Inspire Dental Wellness facilitates at home sleep apnea tests using the FDA approved WatchPAT portable sleep apnea test.  This makes it more accessible to the general population that may suspect they have sleep apnea and allows for the test to be conducted in the comfort of your home as opposed to sleep tests requiring a hospital overnight. Contact us today to schedule your at home sleep apnea test.

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