At Home Sleep Apnea Test

At Home Sleep Apnea Test

Inspire Dental Wellness offers access to an at home Sleep Apnea test.  

Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder characterized by repeated pauses in breathing throughout the sleep cycle. These pauses called apneas can last from a few seconds to over a minute and can occur up to a hundred times. Apneas are caused by the collapse of soft tissue in the airway, which prevents oxygen from reaching the lungs. Weak muscles in the airway, a large tongue, obesity, and other factors may cause airway tissue to collapse and obstruct breathing. Sleep apnea disrupts the sleep cycle and can dramatically impact energy, mental performance, and overall health.” Source: WatchPat

Inspire Dental Wellness facilitates at home sleep apnea tests using the FDA approved WatchPAT portable sleep apnea test.  This makes it more accessible to the general population that may suspect they have sleep apnea and allows for the test to be conducted in the comfort of your home as opposed to sleep tests requiring a hospital overnight. Contact us today to schedule your at home sleep apnea test.

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What is an At Home Sleep Apnea Study?

An at-home sleep study is a test that a patient takes home from Inspire Dental Wellness to test body functions and levels while the you sleep. Most home sleep studies are done overnight with one night’s sleep and then you bring the sleep device with you on your next visit. At that time, Inspire Dental Wellness will send the device and have it analyzed by a specialist.

How Do I know if I need a Sleep Apnea Study?

As much as childhood cartoons and imagery on TV portrays snoring as funny or cute, it’s a serious side effect of sleep apnea and should be promptly evaluated. Approximately 80% of people that snore have Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Having a sleep disorder and depression often times go hand-in-hand. Quality rest is a necessary part of our daily lives and is when our body properly heals, rests and repairs and the brain is a big part of this process. Without proper sleep you may become more prone to depression or other mental health issues.

If you find yourself having a difficult time concentrating or focusing then it’s possible you may have sleep apnea. Without treating sleep apnea you leave your brain with reduced white matter fiber integrity. The white matter acts as the superhighway between the gray matter in your brain which helps support memory and focus. If the superhighway of your brain is in a state of disrepair and can’t heal with restful sleep then you may find yourself with a lack of focus.

Sleep apnea prevents you from getting the proper restorative and healing sleep you need to tackle a full day. If you find yourself constantly seeking or thinking of naps, drinking multiple cups of coffee or even worse high caffeine and sugary energy drinks then it is highly likely you are not getting the proper sleep your mind and body needs.

If I Have Sleep Apnea Will I Need a CPAP?

A CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) is without a doubt the gold standard for treating sleep apnea. However, it isn’t the only way it can be treated. After your initial sleep apnea test we will give you possible alternate treatments. Believe it or not, our functional orthodontics can help treat sleep apnea. If we catch sleep apnea at a young age such as in our children we may be able to guide proper oral growth with myofunctional therapy so that in adulthood we hopefully are not suffering from sleep apnea.

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