Additional Safety Measures

Upon parking your vehicle at our office, please remain in your vehicle and give our office a call at 708-460-6699 to let us know you’re here.  We are minimizing the number of patients in the office at any given time and will instruct you when we are ready for your appointment.  If you have not filled out our COVID-19 form please arrive 10 minutes earlier so that we may text or email you these electronic forms so you can complete them from the convenience of your vehicle.

Upon entering the office, immediately use the hand sanitizer that is at the front desk and a Team member will take your temperature with a contact-less thermometer and direct you to which operatory you will be seen.

  • We are allowing caretakers of elderly, disabled and children to accompany them to their appointments. Any other companions will need to wait in their vehicles for the duration of the patient’s appointment.
Your safety is our top concern at Inspire Dental Wellness, you’ll notice a few additional measures we have taken:

3 Step Air Purification Process

  • Step 1: Dental Isolation System – Depending on the type of procedure a patient receives we may use a dental isolation system that reduces aerosols by as much as 90%.  You’ll find this isolation system in place on the United States Naval Ship Mercy, the very one that was docked in Los Angeles recently.
  • Step 2: Hospital Grade HEPA Air Filters  IDW has purchased 5 hospital grade HEPA filters.  Just one of these cleans 1800 square feet in 1 hour.  Between 5 of these spaced in our operatories and our reception, they should be cleaning the air every 8 minutes in our office.
  • Step 3: Ultra Violet (UV) disinfection – We have had our HVAC system serviced by Allegiance Heating & Cooling, who cleaned the air ducts, used ozone to kill any dust, bacteria, etc living in there, and also added a UV sterilization unit into the HVAC system. All the air circulated in the office is in effect being sanitized before you breathe it in. It is very likely that you will notice no “dental office smell” and that your allergies will be minimal or eliminated in our office! 

Contactless Payment Options – We can now send you a statement via text message or email and you can pay right from your phone or computer.  We have also upgraded our credit card terminal that will accept contactless NFC payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.  If possible, we’d like to avoid the handling of cash and minimize the handling of checks and credit cards, but we have sanitizing protocols in place when needed as well.
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask!

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