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Veneers vs Crowns

Veneers vs Crowns: The Differences and Practical Uses

For those seeking a smile makeover, understanding the difference between veneers vs. crowns can ensure that you receive the proper treatment for your oral condition. We absolutely love doing dental makeovers for patients who feel insecure about their smile due to chips, missing teeth, discoloration, or unwanted gaps. It is such a gift to be …

Veneers vs Crowns: The Differences and Practical Uses Read More »

Chicago Tongue Tie

Chicago Tongue Tie – Frenectomy AKA Tongue Tie Release: Why do it & Who needs it?

What Is Tongue Tie? Ankloglossia, also know as tongue tie, is a congenital condition that inhibits the proper function of the tongue as early as infancy. The lingual frenum is a ligament that is an artifact that is supposed to be removed by apoptosis, programmed cell death, when an infant is in the womb growing, …

Chicago Tongue Tie – Frenectomy AKA Tongue Tie Release: Why do it & Who needs it? Read More »

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