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Dental Care for Adults Without Insurance

Dental Care for Adults Without Insurance

In recent years, dental care for adults without insurance has become increasingly more challenging as new technologies and standard procedures have sent dental prices soaring. Pair this with the pandemic, that many individuals were unable to work and cover co-payments, and it makes sense why the cost of dentists without insurance was–and still is–devastating to many.

Fortunately, there are options to receive dental care for adults without insurance — and good ones too!  Whether it’s finding a low-cost dentist, utilizing community clinics, or exploring membership and payment plan options that many dental offices carry, paying for dental work without insurance is entirely plausible. Here’s what you should know to get started.

Dental Work Without Insurance

It’s understandably complicated and costly to receive dental work without insurance. However, this unfortunate reality doesn’t take away from the fact that receiving proper oral care is incredibly beneficial to our physical health and the prevention of oral complications. Even though preventative oral care measures like standard cleanings and check-ups can greatly lower the likelihood of these complicating oral and general health issues, many individuals without insurance still fail to see their dentist regularly. This makes sense when you look at the costs of a dentist without insurance, where cleanings can cost hundreds of dollars, fillings can range from $90-$450, and wisdom teeth removal can surpass the thousand dollar threshold. So what’s the answer? Below are some options for you to consider so you can stay at the top of your health.

Options to Receive Dental Care For Adults Without Insurance

There are numerous ways to receive free or low-cost dental care, even without insurance. One such method includes dental schools, which often run outpatient clinics overseen by practicing dentists and surgeons to provide dental procedures at substantial discounts. Similarly, federally funded community health centers also offer low-cost options for dental care. To find a center near you, visit the U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration.

If qualified, Medicaid is another possible option and resource to use for acquiring low-cost dental care, which is especially useful for children, since every Medicaid insurance program nationwide must cover child dental services. To find local dentists that accept Medicaid, visit the DentaQuest website.

For those ages 65 or above, the Dental Lifeline Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing needed dental services to these individuals, though the wait can be long.

Dental Membership Plans

One of the more increasingly popular options to receive dental care for adults without insurance is through dental membership plans. These plans are in-house offers and cover a great deal of standard and preventative dental procedures for those without insurance coverage. Dental membership plans make paying for dental work without insurance easy since they’re often paid monthly or yearly, with no added fees along the way. They also provide additional benefits to patients, such as:

  • Acceptance of all health conditions
  • No denied coverage
  • No deductibles
  • No singling out for rate increases or cancellations

Many dentists’ offices provide differing plans to reach the specific needs of patients. These can include individual memberships, family plans, and specialized programs for things like periodontal and orthodontic work. Plans often provide a set amount of procedures like cleanings or fillings and discounts for further work that may be needed.

Inspire Dental Wellness

For current or prospective patients without any dental insurance benefits, Inspire Dental Wellness offers an in-house membership club that helps with preventative care. Our club serves to save you money, with individual and family programs that work to help simplify payments for oral preventative care and more. We also offer a Perio maintenance plan that covers cleanings, exams, and unmatched restorative care savings.

At Inspire Dental Wellness, we believe our loyal Orland Park residents and members should save money on treatment, and our various dental membership plans are built to do so. Call our office today at 708-460-6699 to learn about your additional financial options, or contact us online for additional questions or comments.

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